Tommy Roberts jr. Walks 700 kilometers to Berlin
In August 2005 TJ and his Dad decided: We walk from Kempten to Berlin – for a job. In their backs: A lot of impotant awards and many fans, but (or just because of this): The new CD have to become much more better! And not with the contract offers, which would have wanted Tommy to do something else as what he already did with the age of eleven – with his love for the American music. After six weeks and 700 kilometers the two want to ring at Universal Music in order to take their business philosophy with the words: “We have to and we want to create new basic conditions, in order to concentrate on that for what we stand for: Music. More then ever before we should set on young artists, who give new impulses to the music. Future is done. And we do this now “ (Quotation Universal Music)

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In which way will be the time after this long march?
Monday, October 17th, 2005 – It´s getting cold and more suspensed

Is there anybody who want to make a joke with us? 30 miles? After our calculation taht should be more then 200 kilometers. Or did I passed something in mathematics?

Certainly – the first hoarfrost on the meadows, fog and some temperatues of 4 °C are signs for us to arrive Berlin very fast. The wind blows in our faces when we walked on the streets from Gera to Zeitz. On these streets again just very less space to march, at least some fields right to the sight of tthe street, that need a lot of power because of the mud and the unevennesses. The countryside is embossed by big fields, and which is nothing. It already seems like hibernation.

Dad´s cold isn´t still better, it won´t go because he has no time to cure it, but he struggles himself through. The fifth week is began and we disucuss how the time will be after that walk or how it could be. In some ways we become used to our actual life, that doesn´t matter of the small streets or the wide nature or to sleep in a small room with four persons and a dachshund. We will need a lot of time to life in a normal way.

Our dachshund Julchen snores under me and I am dreaming to be on tour with my band – the best band in the world – in such a way (well guys we will leave out the march), everybody in one bus, every night in another city, make music, happy people that go home after a good night – just have fun. I love that job to be a musician, and I can´t and don´t want to think about another job. Well that should be a reason to walk 700 kilometers, or?

Soon the time will come when I can you hold in my arms. I miss you all. Travellers report about homesickness – but I am “friendsickness”. All the technical equipme nt with laptop and mobile phone is allright, but want to look into your eyes. It is like in the studio: a studio take i absolutely different from a live concert. I am so pleased of Berlin and I can´t wait anymore.

Now firends, Mum cooked my favorit pasta – a la Bolognese – then take a shower and go to bed. It is like before christmas – sleep fast then it will be there.

To let nobody ruin, as well yourself, to fulfil everybody with luck, also yourself. That is good. Bertolt Brecht

A gig and collect new power for the fifth week
Friday, 14th till Sunday 16th of October – March, make music, march...

In the last days we had a bad receipt with the laptop and so to send some pictures was absolutley impossible. Now at Gera it will be better and we send you our whole weekend.

Friday- on the left side a rock and on the right side a guide bord and in the middle the traffic of the weekend and we like fair game ready to shoot it at the border of the road. That is no fun but we do a lot for a musician job or even a label. We couldn´t talk or enjoy the countryside.

So there is nothing really interessting from the Friday, but sometimes we feel like Walter von der Vogelweide: walk in the week, and play on the weekend. At the moment we are in front of Gera and interrupted our march to have a gig. Some friends from Erfurt, The Country Dance Club Renegade, organised a prty on Saturday night, and so we went to Erfurt on Friday. Peter, Sigi, Daggi, Rene and the rest of the group welcomed us and invited us to a nice meal in a prttey cool country-restaurant. A nice feeling that we have so man friends very far from home and sometzime it is a little bit embarrassing how they take care for us – thank you so much!

The Saturday started early at 11:00 am – the night was a little bit long – with a good breakfast at Peter and Sigi, after that Peter brought us to the hall of the Oldtimer Friends of Erfurt. Kevin and me, we are freaks for cars, earlier we did go-cart in the Bavarian Leage and we also hav a special feeling for cars. We had a good guidiance and we didn´t want to take away from the cars but we had to go to our plce for the tonight´s gig in Alperstedt. Peter, Gabi, Martin and Andy from our eventagency IC Music from Berlin to manage this night – it was so great how they did everything in a relaxed way.

The “Kuhstall”, a former cowshed that is restaurated from the regional club was our location. Our friends Carsten and Michaela and Thorsten from Sound & Lights our sponsor for the technical equipment erected all the technique and so we had a little bit time to inspire the location – very good.

A lot of clubs all around the region came to see us, in a short time “the air burned”. The people from Thüringen understand it to make a party, it was a good party until the very early morning. After the gig we had a briefing with the guys from Sound & Lights (Dad says if you want to work professionally you have to do an analysis ) and Mum cooked some fried potatos with bacon and eggs for all of us. You can believe that it need a lot of time if there some musicains that talk and so we went to bed very early (early in the morning).

After a short night we went back to Weida, from where we we will start on Monday for our fifth week (I can´t believe it!). On the todays Sunday we will just relax, have a meal in the evening and play cards (“Hard Core Allgäuer” can´t sacrifice on that).

See you later, nice greatings from the “Big Family” Luxus RV – Your TJ

A live withour music is a fallacy. Nietzsche

Oops, we forgot the half-time!
Thursday, October 13th, 2005 – The Christoph Columbuson the German Roads

How do we call the half-time of the time in the army? Mountain celebration! We overslept the mountain celebration on Monday in Münchberg after 350 kilometers. Especially it was a celebration for two things: At this time we just have to walk downhill – not with us but with the high meters of the Fichtelgebirge. But I think we were to tired – and on the other side emotionally we were at our fans on our great gigs at the weekend.

The today´s news I had to send to Stephan by the telephone (“please louder-knrxs ...knrxs –talk, hear – roar- you, sounds like the cold of Senior...”), because the laptop had not receipt.

Well, 9:00 am we started and the road was a catastrophe- because the cars passed us in a very short distance- nearly a danger for our lifes. There is no other way to hike, certainly not on our maps, and when we tried to walk on such a way the way end in nothing, we just missed the sign “Here Columbus turned back”. We think we are some filter for smoke on feet. When we arrive our Hymer, perhaps Mum thinks that we work in a black way in a car garage, instead of marching. Berlin is nearly within reach – the suspense rises more and more! Also because of you all, somehow everybody has a surprise for us. Even Kevin whispers on the telephone. The thoughts running in circles, it is not possible to relax.

The plans for our final party marches on at Sound & Lights and IC Music, at City-Camping and the Hotel in Berlin in which lots of fans want to meet us.

And now another sensationel story: In is not absolutley clear, but negotiate about a charity concert (with The Cruisers)in favour for the victims in Kashmir in the German partner city of Nashville. The major of that city Dr. Trümper gave me the “Newcomer Of The Year” award at the GAMCF gala. If we know more, you will know it!

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