Tommy Roberts jr. Walks 700 kilometers to Berlin
In August 2005 TJ and his Dad decided: We walk from Kempten to Berlin – for a job. In their backs: A lot of impotant awards and many fans, but (or just because of this): The new CD have to become much more better! And not with the contract offers, which would have wanted Tommy to do something else as what he already did with the age of eleven – with his love for the American music. After six weeks and 700 kilometers the two want to ring at Universal Music in order to take their business philosophy with the words: “We have to and we want to create new basic conditions, in order to concentrate on that for what we stand for: Music. More then ever before we should set on young artists, who give new impulses to the music. Future is done. And we do this now “ (Quotation Universal Music)

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The mountains don´t give any kilometers back.
Monday, October 9th, 2005 – Now it will be hard

(Update), sorry that I don´t write so much today, but I am so knackered. The Fichtelgebirge (the place our agent comes from) beated me. Because of the high meters, that we walked, I couldn´t really enjoy the landscape.

The days are getting shorter, and lights in our Hymer RV were on, when we arrived it, but first we wanted lean on and to be silent. But we have to work, because of all these dates with the press last Thursday abd our gig on Friday we lost one whole march. We cannot move anything because the final party and our decision to knnock on Universal´s door on Friday, October 28th are strong dates.

Aloud our plans on Friday we should arrive Münchberg, ut we just arrived Bindlach (North of Bayreuth). Our weekend with these two great gigs is still in our bones. To catch up the lost kilometers is absolutlely impossible in that area, and I hope that we can do this after our stop in Gera, because the Fichtelgebirge (Waldstein) and the ridges of the Erzgebirge are our next marches. Besides this, these two mountains are just two of five German mountains, that are higher than 1000 meters ( But it is our luck that we don´t have to pass them all, nevertheless the days are very hard besides the sun, that so many of you wished us.

All the time Kevin checks our map, that we can make the lost kilometers up.

The muscle ache is back on some parts of our bodies that I never know that there are muscles (but girls, be happy because the extended back is muscular then never before). Dad talked just very less (if he saied something just like: “Where is theoxygen cylinder.”), but he toils himself for our thing, in spite of the cold he has, I am so proud of him.

See you tomorrow, Your TJ

Problems? – You can regard them as a challange. – Tommy Roberts sen.

Two great gigs – and then go to sleep
Sunday, October 9th, 2005 – “Tommy, the agency is back home”

Breaking news from Tommy´s agency (we are back after 800 kilometers on one weekend): Proable “the great Roberts Music Circus” is still on the road, or after their arrival in Bindlach nearby Bayreuth they went to bed – to be fit for tomorrow after three weeks marching and after two three-hours long gigs. Well it is to say, that we have to catch up one whole day.

At the moment we are arrange a lot of pictures – there are some great shots of the two gig´s with Tommy´s new Band “The Cruisers” and we are trying to bring them on our webpage.

I just want to tell something in stead oif the Guys: On our table besides us we noticed some sentences: “What are 25 kilometers walking...?” Because of such words I want to tell you something: When I was in the army at our end we had to do a march of 20 kilometers. That person that coun´t do that had to repeat three months . That march was in the whole uniform and just one day, and after that you could forget the whole group for more then three days. Now since three weeks the two Tommy´s walk the 25 kilometers every day, and they didn´t go to the doctor after the first day.

Friday, October 7th, 2005 – Break

Because of two nice jobs we had a break of our march, go into the Hymer RV and then drive to Sinzheim and on Saturday to Frankfurt.

In Sinzheim nearby Baden-Baden, we will meet our guys from our agency that will come with us to Frankfurt. It is important because we didn´t saw us for three weeks of this walk to Berlin. We have to talk about some topics, make plans and perhaps have new ideas and drinks some cold beers.

Because of all the press – we are not so sad about it, because all the people are very nice and interessted in our march- and our trip to our gigs, we lost a lot of kilometers, that means one whole day.

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