Tommy Roberts jr. Walks 700 kilometers to Berlin
In August 2005 TJ and his Dad decided: We walk from Kempten to Berlin – for a job. In their backs: A lot of impotant awards and many fans, but (or just because of this): The new CD have to become much more better! And not with the contract offers, which would have wanted Tommy to do something else as what he already did with the age of eleven – with his love for the American music. After six weeks and 700 kilometers the two want to ring at Universal Music in order to take their business philosophy with the words: “We have to and we want to create new basic conditions, in order to concentrate on that for what we stand for: Music. More then ever before we should set on young artists, who give new impulses to the music. Future is done. And we do this now “ (Quotation Universal Music)

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Greek schnapps to the German reunification
Monday, October 3th, 2005 – Fränkische Schweiz

Thank you all very much for all the nice greatings to my birthday, please have understandings that I can´t answer every email, because for that I should interrupt the walk with TJ for nearly three days. Nevertheless, be cuddled for that.
Your Tommy (The Old Dog)

TJ writes: Monday morning 07:30 am – the week won´t end....-in spite of celebrating till 3 o´clock in the morning like with a remote control we woke up and went to our starting point in Nürnberg.

Today there were some friends that escorted us. (Andy and Julia (from IC-Music from Berlin) and Nick Nolte with his daughter Amanda walked with us to Igensdorf.

On the way we invite all for a dinner, greek foot (with Ouzo and Metaxa) sweetend our break on the day of the German reunification. After the meal our way was difficult, but no one of us ever did a digestion walk with the length of 14 kilometers.

We spent the night at friends, Heidi and Gerhard Ehrenberger, with a delicious dinner and we finished Dad`s birthday. Tomorrow, we will sart our first mountain march in the Fränkische Schweiz to Pottenstein and we are strained what will happen.

“Who don´t sin sometimes, lose the fun on the virtue.” Ou of the movie “Luis Trinker, der Underberg ruft”

To collect some power with "Schäufele"
Sunday, October 2nd, 2005 – nearby Nürnberg

The night was very short, because we already found a rhythem: You wake up in the morning at 7:00 o´clock. Good breakfast from Mum, scrumbled eggs with bacon and coffee let the day start good. We cleaned our Hymedr RV and then we had a dinner. If you are in that region don´t miss the meal Schäufle with dumplings and red cabbage. Then you kbnow why I am so pleased about that.

The march has one good side, I can eat as much as I can, because on Monday I will lose it again. The rest of the day, we prepared the next week.

Allright friends, this was a really nice weekend with a lot of friends and a lot of fun. See you next week.

Party atmosphere in the Westside
Saturday, October 1st, 2005 – Neumarkt / Oberpfalz

At 5:00 pm we said goodbye to our second family Nolte to got to the Westside in Neumarkt. Inge and Mike, the owner of the Westside, DJ Fritz and all the other people welcomed us with a huge meal and said, that we would need this for this night. At the latest at 9:00 pm we noticed why and what they mean with that.....

Rrrrummmms, the hall was overcrowed! Our fans from the Oberpfalz are of the opinion who walks a lot also need a lot to drink. Well with the next 14 days in our mind we just drank coke and energy drinks.. Mike took a lot of pictures and you can see aome impressions on Absolutely party atmosphere young and older people celebrated a party together and the night went over like in some seconds.
Very quick it was half past two, and we went into our warm RV to give the night a chance.

Inge and Mike invite us for the tomorrow´s Sunday to my favorite meal from this region: Schäufele with dumplings and red cabbage – and this is a reason to go to sleep very fast.
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