Tommy Roberts jr. Walks 700 kilometers to Berlin
In August 2005 TJ and his Dad decided: We walk from Kempten to Berlin – for a job. In their backs: A lot of impotant awards and many fans, but (or just because of this): The new CD have to become much more better! And not with the contract offers, which would have wanted Tommy to do something else as what he already did with the age of eleven – with his love for the American music. After six weeks and 700 kilometers the two want to ring at Universal Music in order to take their business philosophy with the words: “We have to and we want to create new basic conditions, in order to concentrate on that for what we stand for: Music. More then ever before we should set on young artists, who give new impulses to the music. Future is done. And we do this now “ (Quotation Universal Music)

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on the signs of the old Romans
Wendsday, 28. September, 2005, 09:36 am - Altmühltal

Today we walked through a very great part of Germany, the Altmühltal.
The weather changed all the time, but mostly it was dry, but everything
else was also there: rain, sun, wind and fog. But as I said the country side compensated everything.

Our slogan was on the signs of the Romans. First of all on the Via
Reatica and from the University City Eichstätt on the Limes Street,
just great.

When I think about that the old Romans walked just with some nailed
sandals I could forget all my pain that I had in the last days and I
could bow to my Nike shoes.

I say the time races. We can´t believe that this week is nearly over
and soon there is October 1st (we hope a golden one). Tomorrow our
march will end in Roth before we arrive Nürnberg on Friday and
celebrate Dad´s birthday on Sunday night till Monday morning. Keep
health and see you tomorrow.
Your TJ

Fortes Fortuna Adinvat - The luck helps the brave people

Picture: ein echter "Straßen-Musiker": "Ich geh erst weiter, wenn ich ein Eis bekomme..."
I'm singing in the rain, I'm happy again
Thursday, September 27nd , 2005, 09:23 am – Eichstätt

Today the sun didn´t shine and I thought of you, sitting at home and
sympathising with me. You should be sure that I thank you so much,
because without you I couldn´t come to this place where I am now.
Friends always give power to everybody.

When I´m down and all my
feelings are in a rollercoster, I just know that you are behind me and
I can count on you. You go with me every single step, you are my pulse, my heart and my voice whenn I shoo Dad through all wood and lawns.

Mum has the most stress, plaster here, lotion there, to cook every evening on another place. And if she finished one day the very short night is
over. And everythings starts again and sometimes I think that it would
be great if we were already in Berlin.

Kevin works on teh lap top like a slave, and if he wouln´d move sometimes you could think that he is an official. He takes pictures, calls and sends emails all over the world. It is great that he don´t lose his head in this chaos.

You see everything is in the same way like ever und the things are not so bad
well perhaps a little bit with me and Kevin in that way with the

Sincerely your TJ in the bed of that Hymer RV nearby Eichstätt.
The same procedure as last week...
Monday, September 26th, 2005 , 10:10 pm nearby Neuburg

In the morning at 9:05 am we were on our way to Neuburg at the Donau. Another Indian Summer day like in a picture-book, and I´m very happy that we could start again.

Mum is such a goog cook, that i`m anxious that I will be the first runner, that increases at a walk of 700 kilometers. Today we had a very good speed and the 24 kilometers run over like nothing, because we both are pleased about our friends and fans from Nürnberg.

This night we slept on a camping place directly at the river Donau. At 10 o´clock in the evenig after our Allgäuer Brotzeit (special bavarian meal) and a Weizen Beer we will go to sleep to be fit for tomorrow. Unfortunately the weather report says that there wil be rain tomorrow, but we comfort ourself with your e-mails and calls.

See you tomorrow, Big Hug

“Some are angry that all the roses have thorns, but other are pleased that the thorns have roses.” Alfred Mackels
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