Tommy Roberts jr. Walks 700 kilometers to Berlin
In August 2005 TJ and his Dad decided: We walk from Kempten to Berlin – for a job. In their backs: A lot of impotant awards and many fans, but (or just because of this): The new CD have to become much more better! And not with the contract offers, which would have wanted Tommy to do something else as what he already did with the age of eleven – with his love for the American music. After six weeks and 700 kilometers the two want to ring at Universal Music in order to take their business philosophy with the words: “We have to and we want to create new basic conditions, in order to concentrate on that for what we stand for: Music. More then ever before we should set on young artists, who give new impulses to the music. Future is done. And we do this now “ (Quotation Universal Music)

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The destiny goes on...
Thursday, October 20th, 2005 – Where is our way?

If the sun is shining, what is said,... if angels tavel, but I say, if andels escort someone.

All your emails show me more then ever, that you are with me - and we need such a kick very urgent. When we sartet in our first week, we thought, the first two weeks will be hardest, and then everything goes by itself. But now I have to say, that we lose a little bit air, our power let up and the time to regenerate, especially after a weekend with gigs, is much more longer.

We walked through valleys, crossed highs, and it is like in the real life – up and downs. Sometimes when I walk I think about if Universal Music could be a valley or on a way with a special high? I get soft knees if I think about it. I think nearly everybody know that feeling, you have a date with the dentist, and if the date comes near you get more unwell. I am so happy that there is my whole family, so often I am turned away from my thoughts, if you march through Germany.

Today we arrived Bad Düben, a beautiful town nearby Leipzig. The first part of the day was very exciting, because there was a team from TV Leipzig and they made a reportage with us. At the moment nearly the whole city of Leipzig is one construction site, so we walked to the direction of the Winneberg.The TV team was very professionel, and soon after midday everything was done and so we walked again (we almost got lost because of all the signs ... many ways navigate to...Rome???Berlin???). In Bad Düben we found that nice Country Restaurant “Gold-digger”, and with good music and really good Spare Rips we enjoyed the rest of the day.

Sorry, that I don´t write so much today but I am so tired (like Julchen) and have to go to bed. Tomorrow will be the ast “walking day” of this week and we are pleased of our gig in Scharfenberg, because music is that thing, for what I was born.

I send you a lot of embraces.

It is good if you come to mountains. Then you have the power to cross them. – Paul Johann Anselm Feuerbach

Bearer of glad and Leipziger Allerlei (special foot from Leipzig)
Wendsday, October 19th, 2005 – In the city of the “demonstrations of Monday”

Another day – but a day like all the others? Absolutely no! Carpe Diem – Seize the day, in that way you can describe it. Just sun and a dreamlike way nearby the Elster (river) till Leipzig. Sometimes you could forget that we already walked 520 kilometers, because of that scenery the march seems like in trance. Take a picture here, a small talk there (because we always wanted to what for buildings are there), just friendly people, and we soak up every moment like a dry sponge.

But ion the next moment it there again, the hostage of the humans, the telephone. Boys, walk faster, because the press is waiting for you, Kevins voice sounded a bit strange, because during we enjoyed the countryside Mum and Kevin had a lot of things to do. Mum with that great Hymer Rv to drive in the city of Leipzig and Kevin with the telephone. So back to our mission “Walk To Berlin”. When we arrived Leipzig, a nice guy from the RTL radiostation waitde for us and made a good interview with me and Dad. It wasn´t really over there was the next date with the radiostation “Radio Mephisto” from Leipzig with and telephone interview and at least a interview for the newspaper “Leipziger Volksblatt”.

Wow, I am so proud and happy that the press is interessted in us, because after so many days and kilometers the will to get a job is now more, much more: the experiment family, every day in a small RV with less space, there is a new sence, and if I hear and read from fans, music and musician friends, I would walk for their and for my music – but at least it is my love for the music and for my profession, that brings me forwards.

Yesterday in my diary I told you that Peter has a surprise for me, and we all were very curious. We went to Eilenburg / Rothejane and Peter welcomed us at a business school of chimney-sweeps of the middle of Germany, in that he works as a teacher. Peter, a chemny-sweep and some of his colleagues in their uniforms gave us the honor and wished us luck (not just for our Walk To Berlin). Hey! Nomen est Omen I hope, we all were so pleased, who has so many beaarers of glad? They load us to a meal and some beer (do you notice something? They knew us!) They didn´t have to beg and so a played some songs for them with my guitar. Well we had to go to bed pretty early, because tomorrow in Leipzig there will be a team from a TV station to make a take for three hours and so I am pleased for that. Beside that I want to know more about that city, if there is time. That also mean that we have to walk pretty fats tomorrow to catch up the time. So – good night friends, it is time for me to go.

Luck is the talent for the destiny. - Novalis

I have a luggage space for Berlin
Tuesday, October 18th, 2005 – Fans and friends on the roads of Brandenburg

We won´t get a award for the beauty for the collage – but thank you so much Angela and Guido from Geltow for the pictures.

Day 30: - Today we did the 300th kilometer – we can´t believe it. It is very hard to stand up every morning, because outside it is now pretty cold, like in November. Our atmosphere is stell good, we make jokes and laugh, so the fog has no chance, to darken the sun in our hearts.

Boy, I tell you now we arrived the final spurt and nobody can hold us up. I am so pleased to be in Brandenburg and to shake the hands of everybody – it was a big surprise, when I saw the pictures of that cars ( and there should be more).

We couldn´t see the sun for a long time and the sky was covered by clouds when we walked in the direction of Zwenkau. A construction site again, and we hoped that the detour is not so long. Like yesterda, small towns and big fields and in front of us that big grey line, that brings us much more nearer to our finish Berlin. Dad said to me, if the people would cultivate rape, on which you can win Bio-Diesel, that region would bloom and could be the “Kuweit of the east of the republic” – we would press our thumbs for it.

All over you can see that soon Halloween will be, and just me I couldn´t resist, to make a costum test with a suspended pumpkin.

Well, tomorrow we will go to Leipzig and after our daily walk we will have a date with the press in Bad Düben. Peter Hornung, form the Country Club Renegade, said that he has a surprise for us and I am pleased what that will be.

See you, the countdown is on....

The biggest murderer on joy: pressure of time. You can avoid it because we have a lot of time for things that are important for us. – Susanne Rick

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